Puronics Appoints New Vice President of Sales And Marketing

Livermore, Calif., June 2, 2009 ― Puronics, Incorporated, a leading water treatment equipment manufacturer, names Arnie D. Harmon as Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

 “Mr. Harmon’s diverse experience in growing new product lines and working with dealer networks will be invaluable as our water business expands and we move into a new phase of market growth," said Scott Batiste, chairman and CEO of Puronics. “He is the ideal candidate to lead our sales efforts and we are excited for him to join the Puronics family.”
Harmon brings more than 20 years experience in executive leadership roles, most recently serving as the Vice President of Business Development at GE Capital. Throughout his 15 years at GE, he consistently exceeded required sales growth by a wide margin and won six Business Impact Awards. Harmon also worked with many premier dealer networks in the United States, including those in the water industry.
About Puronics
Puronics, Incorporated, headquartered in Livermore, California, is a leading manufacturer of consumer and commercial water treatment products. Puronics water products condition and purify millions of gallons of water per year. Puronics solutions include technologies such as water conditioning, filtering, micro-filtration, ultra filtration, bacteriostatic carbon filtration, reverse osmosis and ultra violet disinfection. Puronics solutions are used for manufacturing processes and pre-treatment of boilers, hot water heaters, dishwashers, steam-handling equipment and other water using devices. To learn more about Puronics water filtration products call 1-877-836-1168 or visit www.puronicsSGV.com.

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