Puronics Partners with EPA in Climate Leaders Program

New Product Helps Consumer Live Green

Livermore, Calif., October 13, 2009 ― Puronics, Incorporated, a water treatment product manufacturing company, announces its partnership with the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Climate Leaders program. This program guides and recognizes companies developing long-term climate change strategies.

As part of Puronics’ climate change strategy, the company is currently investigating adding a Solar Photovoltaic System in effort to reduce its usage of electricity from greenhouse gas emitting power plants by 50 percent.

“We are proud to join the EPA’s Climate Leaders program,” said Scott Batiste, chairman and CEO of Puronics, Inc. “This partnership demonstrates Puronics’ commitment to reducing our overall environmental impact.”

The company’s commitment also reaches customers through product development. Individuals and companies alike use Puronics solutions, products and systems, to treat water efficiently to achieve a variety of benefits and reduce operating expenses.

“At Puronics, Inc. we use innovative green technology to produce the most environmentally friendly products in our industry,” said John Gulliford, P.E. director of manufacturing at Puronics. The company recently launched Clarius™ whole-house system that advances water treatment technology. “Clarius provides consumers with high quality, cost-effective water solutions without salt, potassium and chemicals,” said Gulliford.

About Puronics

Puronics, Incorporated, headquartered in Livermore, California, is a leading manufacturer of consumer and commercial water treatment products. Puronics water products condition and purify millions of gallons of water per year. Puronics solutions include technologies such as water conditioning, filtering, micro-filtration, ultra filtration, bacteriostatic carbon filtration, reverse osmosis and ultra violet disinfection. Puronics solutions are used for manufacturing processes and pre-treatment of boilers, hot water heaters, dishwashers, steam-handling equipment and other water using devices. To learn more about Puronics water filtration products call 1-877-836-1168 or visit www.puronicsSGV.com.

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