The Puronics® Hydronex™ whole-house water conditioner provides superior quality water. This cost-effective hi-tech system utilizes a computerized control valve to monitor your water usage and maintain optimal effectiveness of the filter media ensuring you always have the highest quality water. The multi-layered filter media tank combines the corrosion-resistant properties of stainless steel and the durability and protection of two additional inner layers.


Computerized Control For Maximum Efficiency

  • Patented Solid State Microprocessor controls operation of system
  • Measures water usage to backwash and recharge when necessary
  • Creates auto reserve so you never run out of quality water
  • Double backwash ensures a clean filter media bed
  • Ensures consistent superior quality water


HYgene Filter Media

  • Incorporates technology used aboard the NASA Space Shuttle Orbiters
  • Silver impregnated activated carbon inhibits growth of bacteria within the filter media    bed while refining your water


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