Cecile Hallberg

It has been two weeks since our system was installed. Our expectations regarding the benefits of using truly clean water have been met and exceeded. My husband has had a rash from his tool bags for...

Elisha & Russel Davis

We have noticed a number of great things with the water. The dishes have less water spots, all soaps seem to rinse out easier and less soap is needed. Our skin is softer and not as dry, our hair se...

Jerry Hirata

Just a few words to tell you about the water conditioning unit that I purchased from your company. I am very pleased and satisfied with the unit and I would highly recommend it to anyone who may be...

Claudio J. & Maggie B. Elias

Before we had the system installed my skin was dry, especially my hands. No more. My skin is very soft now. I am very grateful I was introduced to this system.

We can't say enough good thin...

Leslie Voorhees, Director of Engineering, The Fairmont, San Jose

"Puronics, Best in the Business, Thanks for the great water."

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